Goals for 2011

Since there aren't many people still reading LJ, it seems as good a place as any to put my own thoughts down and store poetry. So to start, I need to list my goals for 2011.

1) Druidry had it's place when I was originally introduced to alternate ways of thinking back in 2005. But after 5 years of being active in the OBOD, it is time to let go. While I appreciate celebrating the seasons, I can do that in a heathen context. I won't burn any bridges, but my active role must come to an end. The first step, which I finished this morning, was to announce the dissolution of our seed group. What a weight off my shoulders! The rest will follow naturally as I just let it all slide away and purge my FB friends list of people that I only know as people I've met through the Order and really don't care if I keep in contact with.

2) Crocheting! OK, put down the iPod and get to work:
a) Bunches of babies... Finish the baby blanket I'm working on, and make stuff for several other babies who are on the way. Maybe not all blankets, but stuff.
b) Make something for the ECT auction... Already have something in mind, it just needs to materialize.
c) Learn to spin... Got a drop spindle and some Alpaca wool for Yule, but this is going to take some serious practice and time.

3) School - finish my ASMET (Associate of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology) and audit Calculus 1 so I can get to the BSET at Temple in 2012. Chemistry next semester is for the BS, and Physics 2 finishes up the AS in the fall.

4) Work - survive.

5) House - First do no harm. We got the place pretty well cleaned up for the gathering last week. Need to keep it this way, and then second, make progress, one room at a time. I'd also like to get the basement finished, which entails finishing up the back of the bar and adding the baseboards.

6) Money - try to end the year with more than $200 in the savings account, and a little less outstanding debt. Say "no" more to things I want but can live without.

7) Health and Fitness
a) End 2011 at the same weight or a little less than what I started (not including the holiday weight).
b) Go kayaking at least once a month in the summer months when I'm not in school.
c) Hawk Mountain once a month during migration season, and a couple of times in the spring.
d) Hike Shades of Death when the rhododendrons are blooming.
e) Make the appointments I need for new braces, wheelchair and neurosurgeon and make the appropriate decisions about my back.

OK, I think that's enough... Achievable and Measurable. That's what it's about.

2010 - Review of Goals

I looked back at my reflections from last year, and found that they are pretty much the same this year. But looking back at the goals I set last year I'm pretty darn proud. So to recap the goals, I'll just quote and reflect...

1) Reach the North Lookout of Hawk Mountain in 2010.
ACCOMPLISHED! TWICE! Happy Dance! I will never be that out of shape again in my life, and Hawk Mountain and even harder hikes are in the future.

2) Lose 48-65 lbs in the first 16 weeks of 2010 and get off the "morbidly obese" BMI ACCOMPLISHED!

2.1) Lose additional weight (total 75 lbs) to get in the "normal" range for my height and bone structure. This may not be possible this year, but I'm putting it down here for the record.

Mostly ACCOMPLISHED! I lost 72 lbs total, though I must admit I have gained a few pounds over this vacation, they will be easily removed in the new year. I am now "overweight", but that's a far cry from where I was. Morbidly obese to Severely Obese, to Obese to Overweight... I'll take it!

3) Complete at least 10-13 semester units, but don't stress out about maintaining a 4.0

ACCOMPLISHED! I finished 13 units, 3 A's and a B in the hardest class I've ever taken. My current GPA is now 3.93. I'll take it!

4) Write more poetry - at least once per month.

Mostly ACCOMPLISHED! #3 precluded writing more in the last part of the year, but I did write. I won the Skaldic Competition at ECT, and the Lore Competition with a poem in Fornyrdislag. I also wrote a quick Flyting at the request of my friends at RKN. That was fun, and I think pretty well received.

5) Crochet things that people might want.

* Finish the scarf for Tim. ACCOMPLISHED!
* Finish a certain thing for certain someone to give to certain someone else ;) - That was the Cthulhu Mask/Hat for Jeff. - ACCOMPLISHED, and I think it turned out pretty well for a pattern I made up myself!
* Make at least one square per week for the afghan for the ECT auction.
ACCOMPLISHED! The afghan turned out beautifully, I think, and made some money For The Children!
* Make dolls on request including the ones that are already on the list and one for the ECT raffle. Mostly ACCOMPLISHED! I did make the doll for ECT, but didn't get any others done.
* Something creative to enter in the Allentown fair. - Well, you can't do everything.
* Make a Christmas stocking for myself (I made one for Tim and Liz this year, but didn't get mine done). Didn't get this one done either, but started a blanket for a baby that's due in January, so this has taken a back burner.

So all-in-all, I accomplished most of what I set out to do. Now to make my list of goals for 2011.

Long time

Look how long it's been since I've posted or read anything here. If there was anything I missed, please send me a private message. I just can't keep up... And one day, I'll get back to writing some poetry...

Busy busy busy!

Wow, I can't believe I didn't make one single post in July.
I am so darned busy lately I can't see straight.

And when I'm not busy, I'm exhausted.

Maybe life will slow down soon. We'll see.

The End of an Era

Today is Liz's last day of being a teenager.
That's a little sad, and a lot happy.
Today she got a job, but is still looking for something non-commission.
If anyone is in need of a mattress, I'll send you to the place she'll be working starting next Monday!

I am really proud of my beautiful "little" girl. She's no longer a child and I look at her more as friend than daughter most of the time. But I am still there when she has panic attacks over finals or needles, and still expect certain things from her (especially while she is living in our house).

It won't be long now before she moves out permanently, I imagine. No more coming home for the summer or for winter breaks, I surmise. I hope that she'll still want to go to baseball games with me next year even if she does stay in Philly next summer.

But for now, I'll just hold on to this summer and whatever watermelon pickle memories it gives me.
Collapse )

Mommy and Me Day!

Liz and I had a wonderful time yesterday. We started in the morning by going to the baseball game. It was "Education Day" so game time was 10:35 am. There were lots of school groups there, but that was OK. They were well controlled for the most part. As I left the house I said "I'm going to regret not having sunscreen." I was right. The weather was beautiful. My seat was full sun for the whole game, Liz's got shadow for the last few innings. Now we know that by the time a Sunday game gets started, our seats will be in shade for the most part. On top of that, the game was exciting. A couple of double plays, two 3-run homers for the Pigs, including one by the new catcher Suomi who was the Arby's RBI Guy.Collapse ). Liz went down at the end of the game to try to get me a flying pig, and one of the players tossed her a pig, so Elizabeth Pigstealer has once again proven her name. Collapse )

After the game, we went home so I could get lunch and Liz could find the photo of the design for her tattoo. Then we went down to The Quillian where the Finks get their tattoos done. We talked about our tattoos, and Liz's is now going to be a little bigger and between her shoulders instead of on the back of her neck to allow for the detail, and mine will not eventually be a sword. They said it would be too hard to match the straight lines if I don't get it all done at once. After we left I decided that I may eventually get the pommel on my shoulder so that my arm becomes the "invisible sword" with just the pommel and the sword tip actually inked. I really like this idea and Liz thought it was a good idea too. So our appointment for the tattoos is next Friday after work. I am sooo excited!

Then we went shopping and she bought a bathing suit, shorts and a skirt. I bought a couple pair of shorts. I was going to buy a couple that fit and a couple that were the next size lower, but to get the next size lower, I would have had to go to a different department because the next size lower isn't in the Women's section. I don't even know what department I'll have to go to once I don't need the W after the size.

Then off to Best Buy, where we got Liz's phone sent out for repair (they'll probably replace it, but they had to send it out anyway) and bought her a cheap Go phone for the interim. Then we bought her a new modem that will actually work with Windows 7, and a phone cord long enough for her to use her laptop in bed. She's so spoiled.

Finally we went to the grocery store where we invented a new dinner meal with Tofu, veggies, and teriyaki sauce wrapped in Nori. I put rice and some leftover chicken in mine to fill out the rest of my required calories for the evening.

We finally got home around 9, just before Tim got home. Fixed our dinners (for the first time having tofu, I was pretty impressed. I really like it!) and then did computer stuff.

So it was a great day. I'm still very red, though.

Scruffy's surgery on Wednesday went really well. He is such a good dog. He doesn't like the collar very much, but he puts up with it. Now we just have to wait for the biopsy results. That's a little worrisome, but hopefully they will be benign, and if they're malignant they've gotten it all out.

And that's all the news that fits in print!


It's coming along! Please let me know if you've got any squares done! Posted more details on the NE Asatru list, but if you don't see it there, let me know if you need more info.

Brandy, I know you have a bunch done. How many are there total?

Weekend in Review and Weekend Ahead

Hooray for Spring!

I am decidedly better than I was last week when I was a little down. I think it was just stress overload.

I had a marvelous time with my parents. They had some troubles getting from JFK to their hotel when they got in, and my Dad kept going the wrong way on the highways (yes, I told him to take 22 East from the NE extension, and he just couldn't figure out how Allentown was East of Philadelphia, so he went West). They seriously need to get GPS next time they rent a car in a foreign land.

We got to see Liz and we went out to lunch at the Famous 4th Street Deli (if you're in Philly, go there - the prices are high, but when you see how much food you get for the money, you'll understand why). Tim drove separately so we could take a load of stuff back including her bicycle, and Mom and Dad left after lunch. We took the opportunity to discuss next year's living arrangements and I think it all sounds pretty positive. I'm glad that Liz's Erik is practical and responsible, because I think Liz may need better "Life Skills" training to survive on her own. Against Zombies I have no worries. But figuring out finances? That's something entirely different.

Mom and Dad were not impressed with Philadelphia, Collapse ) but there's nothing I can do about that.

On Sunday, I took them up to Hawk Mountain. It was warm and humid, but there was a good cloud cover, and it was pretty nice. My mom tried really hard to disguise her fear of birds as we looked at the taxidermied and sculpted raptors in the Visitor's Center. She tried really hard not to flip out when we took photographs under the wire sculpture eagle in the native plant garden. She tried to appreciate the turkey vulture coming straight at us while we were at the South Lookout. I'm proud of her, and thankful that she agreed to come. They both enjoyed the walk otherwise, and the view from the South Lookout, though Mom freaked a little when I climbed up on the lower and easier of my two favorite rocks. As we were leaving, it started to rain a bit. Not really enough to get wet, but enough to hear the sounds of the raindrops through the forest. I love the forest, and my parents loved it too. I could have easily walked another hour (if I had had my gloves), but they were done, so we went home.

With the stress of a parental visit that thankfully avoided religious and political topics over, I feel remarkably happy. I don't even mind that I gained 1-1/2 lbs over the weekend - I think that will come off in a day or two tops.

Now I just have to concentrate on school this week, and then on to the weekend!

Friday Tim and I are going to Emeril's Chop House and the Casino to celebrate Tim's 50th birthday. Saturday morning (depending upon how late we're up the night before) we're planning on going to a farm in Northampton where they have raw milk, grass fed beef and pasture raised chickens and eggs. In the evening, we're going to a baseball game. Sunday, which is Tim's actual birthday, will probably be spent at least partially finishing my final project(s) and studying for the final for my manufacturing class, though we may go to a movie or the ballgame or something else totally spontaneous.

And that's all the news that fits in print!