jinglebellz61 (jinglebellz61) wrote,

What do you name a dead cat?

I have come to the conclusion that flamingonizzie is just plain strange. I had to rearrange her doctor's visit today so she can skin a cat. If she doesn't get the doctor's visit and the form filled out, they will exclude her from school as an unexcused absence (silly if you ask me)and the deadline is Monday. Now fortunately there is no school on Monday, so she can go to the doctor then, but now I have to take Monday off. All of this so she doesn't miss her anatomy class in which they are dissecting cats. eeew. and she wants to name her cat... and she has two squeamish lab partners, and that makes her happy because she "gets" to do most of the work.

What do you name a dead cat? Well, it currently has black fur with white feet and a white mark on its chest. It's vacuum packed and kind of flat. eeew...
I suggested the name "Mittens". "Ooh yeah", she replied, "then when I skin it it will be the kitten who lost its mittens!" strange, I tell you... Just plain strange...

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