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Mommy and Me Day!

Liz and I had a wonderful time yesterday. We started in the morning by going to the baseball game. It was "Education Day" so game time was 10:35 am. There were lots of school groups there, but that was OK. They were well controlled for the most part. As I left the house I said "I'm going to regret not having sunscreen." I was right. The weather was beautiful. My seat was full sun for the whole game, Liz's got shadow for the last few innings. Now we know that by the time a Sunday game gets started, our seats will be in shade for the most part. On top of that, the game was exciting. A couple of double plays, two 3-run homers for the Pigs, including one by the new catcher Suomi who was the Arby's RBI Guy.(hopefully he'll stay when Paul Hoover comes back down now that the Phillies catchers are almost healthy - but I really like Dean Sardinha too. One will have to go back to Reading, and that will be a tough choice). Liz went down at the end of the game to try to get me a flying pig, and one of the players tossed her a pig, so Elizabeth Pigstealer has once again proven her name. The Pigs were so bad in their first season, that the ongoing question was "When will the Pigs win?" and of course, the answer is "When Pigs Fly". So now when the Pigs win, they throw little squeezy pigs with wings to a few of the folks in the crowd after the game.

After the game, we went home so I could get lunch and Liz could find the photo of the design for her tattoo. Then we went down to The Quillian where the Finks get their tattoos done. We talked about our tattoos, and Liz's is now going to be a little bigger and between her shoulders instead of on the back of her neck to allow for the detail, and mine will not eventually be a sword. They said it would be too hard to match the straight lines if I don't get it all done at once. After we left I decided that I may eventually get the pommel on my shoulder so that my arm becomes the "invisible sword" with just the pommel and the sword tip actually inked. I really like this idea and Liz thought it was a good idea too. So our appointment for the tattoos is next Friday after work. I am sooo excited!

Then we went shopping and she bought a bathing suit, shorts and a skirt. I bought a couple pair of shorts. I was going to buy a couple that fit and a couple that were the next size lower, but to get the next size lower, I would have had to go to a different department because the next size lower isn't in the Women's section. I don't even know what department I'll have to go to once I don't need the W after the size.

Then off to Best Buy, where we got Liz's phone sent out for repair (they'll probably replace it, but they had to send it out anyway) and bought her a cheap Go phone for the interim. Then we bought her a new modem that will actually work with Windows 7, and a phone cord long enough for her to use her laptop in bed. She's so spoiled.

Finally we went to the grocery store where we invented a new dinner meal with Tofu, veggies, and teriyaki sauce wrapped in Nori. I put rice and some leftover chicken in mine to fill out the rest of my required calories for the evening.

We finally got home around 9, just before Tim got home. Fixed our dinners (for the first time having tofu, I was pretty impressed. I really like it!) and then did computer stuff.

So it was a great day. I'm still very red, though.

Scruffy's surgery on Wednesday went really well. He is such a good dog. He doesn't like the collar very much, but he puts up with it. Now we just have to wait for the biopsy results. That's a little worrisome, but hopefully they will be benign, and if they're malignant they've gotten it all out.

And that's all the news that fits in print!
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