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2010 - Review of Goals

I looked back at my reflections from last year, and found that they are pretty much the same this year. But looking back at the goals I set last year I'm pretty darn proud. So to recap the goals, I'll just quote and reflect...

1) Reach the North Lookout of Hawk Mountain in 2010.
ACCOMPLISHED! TWICE! Happy Dance! I will never be that out of shape again in my life, and Hawk Mountain and even harder hikes are in the future.

2) Lose 48-65 lbs in the first 16 weeks of 2010 and get off the "morbidly obese" BMI ACCOMPLISHED!

2.1) Lose additional weight (total 75 lbs) to get in the "normal" range for my height and bone structure. This may not be possible this year, but I'm putting it down here for the record.

Mostly ACCOMPLISHED! I lost 72 lbs total, though I must admit I have gained a few pounds over this vacation, they will be easily removed in the new year. I am now "overweight", but that's a far cry from where I was. Morbidly obese to Severely Obese, to Obese to Overweight... I'll take it!

3) Complete at least 10-13 semester units, but don't stress out about maintaining a 4.0

ACCOMPLISHED! I finished 13 units, 3 A's and a B in the hardest class I've ever taken. My current GPA is now 3.93. I'll take it!

4) Write more poetry - at least once per month.

Mostly ACCOMPLISHED! #3 precluded writing more in the last part of the year, but I did write. I won the Skaldic Competition at ECT, and the Lore Competition with a poem in Fornyrdislag. I also wrote a quick Flyting at the request of my friends at RKN. That was fun, and I think pretty well received.

5) Crochet things that people might want.

* Finish the scarf for Tim. ACCOMPLISHED!
* Finish a certain thing for certain someone to give to certain someone else ;) - That was the Cthulhu Mask/Hat for Jeff. - ACCOMPLISHED, and I think it turned out pretty well for a pattern I made up myself!
* Make at least one square per week for the afghan for the ECT auction.
ACCOMPLISHED! The afghan turned out beautifully, I think, and made some money For The Children!
* Make dolls on request including the ones that are already on the list and one for the ECT raffle. Mostly ACCOMPLISHED! I did make the doll for ECT, but didn't get any others done.
* Something creative to enter in the Allentown fair. - Well, you can't do everything.
* Make a Christmas stocking for myself (I made one for Tim and Liz this year, but didn't get mine done). Didn't get this one done either, but started a blanket for a baby that's due in January, so this has taken a back burner.

So all-in-all, I accomplished most of what I set out to do. Now to make my list of goals for 2011.

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