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Weekend plus.

It was a pretty good weekend.

Thursday since Tim wasn't home I went to the ballgame myself. I used my wheelchair for the first time at the park and was able to go all the way around the perimeter without even working. I hung out for a little bit near the barnyard (where the OINKKKK sign is and the guys with the horns) but the standing-room railing was right at eye level. I went a little farther south to where there was a staircase (an opening in the rail) and I could see pretty well, so I spent most of the game there. Later I grabbed a wheelchair space that wasn't being used at the top of section 102. Andy Tracy was right on his game, and I had a great time.

While I was there, I got tickets for Friday's game and tickets for July 3rd evening game. Both were sold out, but they had enough room for wheelchair + 1... cool...

We got really wet before Friday night's game, but it was great fun. We saw some really cool mammatus clouds after the storm blew through. It was an awesome game, and Carlos Carrasco pitched really well. Then fireworks afterwards. Great fun. We sat in the wheelchair seats in section 117, and it was awesome. I calculated that it is possible for the one millionth fan to occur during the afternoon game on July 3rd, so we bought tickets.

Monday I took the day off and took Liz to her appointment. Then later Tim and I went to the ballgame. These were our normal seats in row X of section 117, and I realized that I really like the wheelchair seats better. You don't have folks in your way, and I can get up to get food or to the facilities without having to climb the stairs (which is not fun on crutches) so I usually sit through the whole game without going anywhere. (Besides which walking from the parking lot to our seats is really painful these days) It was a great game until the 5th inning. The other team got a grand slam. I haven't ever seen a grand slam before I don't think, and I wish it hadn't been for the other team. Another thing I've never seen before is a player throwing the bat into the stands. Mike Cervenak lost his grip and his bat went flying into section 116 almost taking out a professional photographer. Good thing no one was hit. We also got Replica World Series Rings. They're pretty nice, but I have no idea what I'm going to do with mine. Before we went to the game, Liz expressed disappointment that she couldn't go (we only have 2 tickets and the game was sold out), so when we got there I got tickets for Liz and myself to go to the game on Thursday night (Tim's working).

So all in all, I got to see 3 ball games and got tickets to 3 more. That will be a total of 6 games in just over a week and 3 fireworks shows. Baseball rocks my socks.

I also got a few things done around the house. I scrubbed the living room carpet, and the floor under it, and we've decided that when the new carpet arrives, we are only going to put it on the floor if we are having folks over. I also found that the best way to clean it is to put it over the deck railing and use a hose. We're going to do the same thing with the dining room carpet next weekend if it doesn't rain.
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