Some Days...

Some days are better than others.
Some days are horrible and then get better.

I woke up this morning and decided to check e-mail since I hadn't checked it in a couple of days because of school and a baseball game. Lo-and-behold, there was a notice from my bank that I had gone below my set threshold. Somehow I had miscalculated by a little over $500.00 Holy Cow! Not as devastating as it could have been had it not been for some leftovers from the income tax return, but still - I had plans for that money.

Work has been stressful and busy for the last few weeks (hence my lack of posting here for awhile). There is too much to do, and not enough time. Plus we've all been prepared to hunker down for another year only slightly better than last year. Our department, which used to have 10 engineers in it is down to two plus my boss. Granted, last year's sales were down, but we're expecting recovery, RIGHT??? Yes, well recovery has started and only two of us to handle the workload. It's only going to get worse folks. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. School is great, but also stressful.

So this morning I was stressed about the money and stressed about work, stressed about school since I've missed class two weeks in a row, and stressed about the party on Saturday. And then my boss called me into his office....
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For those of you who are not on my facebook, crochet group, or Jeff's LJ (or FB) or were not at Vingolf's March Blot:

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I was pretty proud of this one because I made it up. Almost everything else I've done is some adaptation of one pattern or another. Not the case with this one. This took about 2-1/2 skeins of yarn, most of which went into the spiral tentacles. It's washable and dryable (on low), but may take some tentacle abuse if it get puts in without being in a mesh bag. The tentacles are not sewn on separately, but crocheted right into the piece, so they can't come off without cutting them (and that would make the whole hat fall apart)

Jesse asked me to make it for Jeff before I ever met Jeff. She had seen this one online, but I thought I could do better. (not sure if the image on this works, because I'm at work, and a lot of images are blocked, so if that doesn't work, try this one. I finally met Jeff at ECT, so I got a good estimate that I could probably fit it for Tim and it would work. I think Jesse is pretty cool for wanting to give this to Jeff, and I was happy to make it, because I love making things for people - especially since I got to invent it, if not the idea itself. I consulted HP Lovecraft to be sure that my version fit the description in the book, which is why there are long tentacles in the front that should rest on Jeff's knees if he sits down.

So I've been dying to show this off, but had to wait until Jesse had a chance to give it to Jeff. There is a pony-tail holder in the back, which makes it easier for a long-haired person to wear it. (I did the same with my Yoda hat, and it makes it so much more comfortable).

So now, it's back to the afghan, and the next special request (for which I just ordered the wool). By the way, if you're making squares for the afghan that need to be quilted or have a crochet edging, please get them to me by the middle of June! Thanks!

Baseball is HERE!

Spring April Baseball. YES!
Phillies started their season yesterday and slammed the Senators 11-1.

Tonight, the R-Phils come to Coca-Cola Park to play the Pigs in an exhibition game, and the Pigs start their season on Thursday. First official home game of the Season is April 14, but I say let the season start NOW!

I am really looking forward to the game tonight. The weather should be warm, and the smells and sounds, especially the crack of the bat against the ball, is something that I've missed since the end of the season last year.

Yes, I am addicted.

Take me out to the ball game. Take me out to the crowd.
Put me in, Coach. I'm ready to play today. Look at me, I can be Centerfield!

Weekend Report

As the weekend draws to a close, I look back and find it didn't totally suck.

Friday was my birthday. I now only have one more year of forty-something before I hit the big five-oh. Unfortunately, any thoughts of celebrating were pretty much dashed by Tim's rash. He was pretty itchy. He did go out and buy Dungeness crabs and artichokes, which were wonderful. They only had three crabs left at the store, a three pounder and two 2-pounders. He bought all three. One two pound crab has a little under 8 oz of meat, so it was perfect and stayed in my diet, and I'm sure the artichokes (which are mostly leaves) were well under my vegetable requirement. I would have liked some champagne. He bought a slice of cheesecake and put a candle in it. I had one bite and then he finished it. Next year, hopefully I won't be dieting on my birthday.

I got a few nice birthday wishes from folks - two of my three sisters and a couple of friends. My Mother-In-Law called in the middle of dinner, then after I spoke with her and got downstairs and at the crab again, my folks called. My dad had just finished filming a commercial for Volkswagen, and everything else seems OK. They're looking forward to their transatlantic cruise, and visiting us the first weekend of May. We'll probably drive down to Philly and take Liz out to lunch while they're here. My Mom and Dad sent a birthday card too. It came on Thursday. I almost died of shock. Mom and Dad are never on time.

Later, I ordered my b-day present which is a wine/mead starter kit. It should be here next week. For our anniversary on April 9, we're taking the day off and driving down to Lancaster where we'll buy a 5 gallon pail of honey - probably wildflower - for our first real batch of mead, which will be a blueberry melomel.

On Saturday, I fixed my elevator. Now we'll see if it stays fixed after it rains. Then it was too cold to get the deck cleaned, so we went shopping. It was good to get some new clothes, and replace another set of sheets, pillows, pillowcases and bolsters which the dogs have destroyed. We had steak and asparagus for dinner, which was good. We watched Gigi, which I had never seen.

Today I didn't get up until almost 11, and then decided it was too cold to work outside again. I did evaluate the railing posts on the deck, and I think I can fix them with angle brackets, so nothing major this year. Just a little repair work and some paint. Easily done before the Spring Celebration if it's a little warmer on the weekends. I spent most of the day playing games on the computer, reading the rest of the NewBee guide on, calculating the ingredients for our mead, and making grocery bags into yarn and starting to crochet with it. It's pretty cool so far. Tim's finally not itching as much so he took a really long nap this afternoon. Hopefully he'll catch up on some of that lost sleep from last week.

Well, that's it. Not exciting. Not busy. Guess that's what happens when you get old.

Update on Tim

Here's a little update on Tim.

As most of you know, we had to cancel our equinox celebration because Tim was sick. He has an abscessed tooth, and we think the infection has spread into his sinus. After a long afternoon/evening trip for a CT scan last Thursday, the radiologist said there was nothing on the scan. On Friday, the doctor called Tim and said that the scan didn't come back as "nothing", but it came back as unreadable. So back to the theory that the abscess has moved to the sinus, but too late to get the endodontic appointment that day.

We were able to get the endodontic appointment on Monday, after Tim slept most of the weekend. The endodontist agreed that the headache and fatigue is probably caused by the infection, and since he was finished with the first round of antibiotics, put him on amoxycillin, which he started on Monday evening.

Yesterday at work, Tim noticed that he was itchy around his neck, chest and back, and when he came home from work, it looked like he had a rash. So now he has a headache, an abscessed tooth, needs a major root canal reconstruction and has a rash. Sheesh. He's never had a reaction to amoxycillin before, but there's always a first time. We monitored to be sure he wasn't having an anaphylactic reaction, but even with a heavy dose of benadryl, he was unable to sleep. He went to the urgent care clinic this morning, and it was determined that he had an allergic reaction to the amoxycillin. The urgent care center gave him a steroid shot and a prescription for steroids, and now he has to call the endodontist to get a different antibiotic, and the reaction has now added an additional allergy to his medical issues, limiting what antibiotics he can take still further (he was already allergic to sulfa). They also gave him something to help with the itching, but since it may cause drowsiness, he can't take it until he gets home from work after 10 tonight.

All in all, Tim has been pretty miserable for the last two weeks. I am hoping he feels a little better for the weekend since he doesn't have to work either Friday or Sunday, and Saturday should be a beautiful sunny day - perfect for getting the deck ready to paint or go for a walk along a creek. Otherwise, I'll just let him sleep.

Welcome Spring - Fornyrdislag

White of winter
Wanes and warms
Snow recedes
And sun time waxes
Balanced daylight
And dark of night
Slowly dormant
Sleepers wake.

A cardinal calls
And crocus blooms
The tips of trees
Show tufts of green
Maple and heather
Are honey's start
Clouds of cotton
Fill the crystal sky.

Merry is March
The melody of spring
Bees as they buzz
And birds when they sing
The chipmunks chatter
And change their choice
While grackles grift
With grainy voice

So sing a song
Of sunny spring
Enjoy the light
And laughter bring.
Then say farewell
To winter's chill
And plant some seeds
For summer's fill.